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Who we are...

4-H Foundation of Alberta

Our Mission

Volunteer directors, staff of the 4-H Foundation of Alberta and other "friends of 4-H" are committed to the mission statement:  The 4-H Foundation of Alberta seeks, receives, and administers resources to enhance 4-H in Alberta.

Organization Profile

In 1977, the 4-H Foundation of Alberta was formed as a nonprofit organization to build and operate the Alberta 4-H Centre.  Since then thousands of 4-H members, youth groups, corporations, government departments, and other groups have worked and socialized at the 4-H Centre located on Battle Lake.

The mandate of the Foundation has broadened to include administering provincial, regional, and district scholarships, handling bequests, managing funds like the Healy Estate and creating corporate relationship to secure funds to ensure 4-H remains a strong vibrant program.





4-H Foundation of Alberta structure

Board of Director consist of 8 elected members, immediate Past President of Alberta 4-H Council and 3 ex-officio members consisting of the immediate Past Chair of 4-H Foundation of Alberta, 4-H Branch staff representative and 4-H Foundation of Alberta Chief Executive Officer.

Each of the 8 elected members serve 2 year terms and can stand for re-elected for 2 additional terms exception is for directors that may be serving in Chair and Vice-chair positions.  The treasurer is re-elected every 2 years and does not have a term limit.

The Board of Directors elect a chair and Vice Chair which serve for a maximum of 2 years.

What We Do....

  • Management and marketing day to day operations of the 143 acre Alberta 4-H Centre.

  • Managing various 4-H funds and securing funds to ensure 4-H has resources to remain a strong youth program

  • Administer the Alberta 4-H Scholarship Program. (Provincial, Regional and District)  Each year there are approx 108 scholarships totaling over $80,000 each year to past and present Alberta 4-H members

  • Provide administration services for fundraising campaigns which include recycling, product and commission 
  • Marketing, management, and administration of a planned giving program that will benefit the Alberta 4-H program

  • Fund Development.

Contact Information:

For further information regarding the 4-H Foundation of Alberta operations please visit www.4h.ab.ca or  contact us at:

 4-H Foundation of Alberta

RR #1  Westerose, Alberta Canada  T0C 2V0

  Phone: 780-682-2153  Fax:780.682.3784


The 4-H Foundation of Alberta respects your privacy. We protect your personal information and adhere to all legislative requirements with respect to protecting privacy. We do not rent, sell or trade our mailing lists. If any time you wish to be removed from our list, please contact us by phone (780) 682-2153, fax (780) 682-3784 or via our web site www.4h.ab.ca and we will gladly accommodate your request.

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